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Pure Canine Presents:
Sweet Potato Saturday

Pure Canine is thrilled to introduce a day dedicated to the sweet, nutritious, and absolutely delicious - our Sweet Potato Treats Day! Every dog deserves a treat that’s not only tasty but also packed with health benefits, and that’s exactly what we’re celebrating. Join us with your beloved pets to savor the natural goodness of our all-natural sweet potato dog treats.

Packed with Nutrition:
Sweet potatoes are a fantastic source of dietary fiber, vitamins A, C, and B6, and minerals, promoting digestive health and supporting a healthy immune system for your dog.

Delightfully Delicious:
Discover your dog’s new favorite treat! Our sweet potato treats are carefully crafted to ensure a perfect balance of flavor and health, making snack time a joyful and beneficial experience.

A Community Gathering:
Enjoy a day out with your furry friend and connect with other dog lovers in your community. Share stories, tips, and enjoy the warm atmosphere of companionship and mutual pet admiration.

Free to Enjoy:
We’re inviting you and your pet to try our sweet potato treats absolutely free! It’s our way of sharing something we love with the pets and people we value most.

Event Details:
When: Every Saturday (Rain or shine!)
Where: Pure Canine, 523 Lake Avenue, St. James
Time: All day! Drop by anytime during our store hours.

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